The Fuel implodes and Houston tumbles down the rankings while the LA Gladiators get a huge thumbs up.

Shields up as the Los Angeles Gladiators impress to take a 2–0 week against the Valiant and the Spitfire. (Credits: Los Angeles Gladiators Twitter)

Stage 2 is just full of surprises, and now it’s the middle of the pack shuffling around. While the trio of New York, Seoul and London still hold the top, the title…

The Outlaws seem to be the dead rather than the quick, while the NYXL come back to form.

Saebyeolbe played exceptionally this week as the NY Excelsior stood on top with a 2–0. Ark has returned to the lineup as well. (Credits: Overwatch League)

The second week of Stage 2 has caused a turbulence in the top part of the power rankings! The Korean teams are back on top, as the Western teams are looking outclassed…

The Fusion is on the surge with Eqo, the Uprising do everything except their namesake, and New York’s front line moves to the back role.

The Philadelphia Fusion take the first week of Stage 2 with an impressive 2–0 (8–0–0) record. (Credits: Overwatch League)

The first week of Stage 2 has come and gone, with the Stage standings reset. The cumulative record will be for the playoffs this June…

A run-through of all the festive celebrations in store for the Overwatch community alongside interface and balance changes.

The event runs for 4 weeks, which includes the chance to get the Lunar New Year cosmetics and the first ever competitive CTF season. (Source: Play Overwatch)

The Lunar New Year event has returned to Overwatch, and with it comes a number of additions to the game. Over 50 new seasonal items and a chance to buy the previous…

Reasons include ongoing roster issues and a lack of tournaments in the local scene.

The roster at Heroes Uprising 2017, the last LAN event Mineski-Overwatch attended. Left-Right: Jorun, whome, Caladbolg, Gibo, Meister, SuperLocs. (Credits: Mineski-Overwatch)

Mineski has been reported to have disbanded! Coming straight from the players, Mineski has lost interest in the Overwatch scene. According to team captain Marvin Anthony “whome” Roque, roster issues and a lack of tournaments in…

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